Ted is a 5-reel 20-line slot based focusing on the cute yet mildly offensive teddy bear. The game has 5 Unbearlievable features including Ted Free Spins - where you can be awarded lots of 'Ted' feature upgrades and prizes!

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Game Information

Base Game

Ted is a 5x3 reel slot that uses 20 paylines.



You can use the up (+) and down (-) arrows to changet he overall Bet for the next round.


The I Button will show you the games paytable aswell as any information on the games bonuses.


The Balance window show you a live counter of the total amount left in your account after each spin.


The Win window shows you how much you have won after each succcessful spin.


The Spin button will place your bet and spin the reel for one round.


The Autoplay feature lets you make the game automatically spin for up to 100 rounds at a time.

Ted Modifiers

If Ted wakes up during any game there is chance the a bonus modifier can be triggered, where he can award one of the following features:

Laser Gun Wilds

Whilst the reels continue to spin Ted shall jump up from the couch and fire a Laser Gun at the reels. A laser beam shall bounce around the screen turning symbols wild.

Psychedelic Super Spin

Whilst the reels continue to spin TED will awaken from his slumber, pick up a hookah pipe and immerse the reels in smoke. This will cause a number of special Ted symbols to be added the reels which shall all transform into the same symbol and award a cluster of line wins once the reels land.

Beer Streak

Once the reels have landed and presented a combination of winning symbols, Ted can jump up and spray beer over the reels submerging the symbols in frothy bubbles. This will cause the symbols to shuffle about on the play area and into a new winning combination. This can action a serious of times until the bubbles pop.

Psychedelic Colossal Spin

Whilst the reels continue to spin TED will awaken from his slumber, pick up a hookah pipe, and immerse the reels in smoke. Once the smoke disperses three of the reels will have combined into one colossal reel which guarantees to deliver a colossal symbol win.

TV Remote Symbol Streak

Once the reels have landed and presented a combination of winning symbols Ted can jump up and start bashing the buttons on a TV remote. This will cause the reels to respin holding the trigger symbols in position. The reels will continue to respin until the win is not improved.

Psychedelic Bonus Boost

Whilst the reels continue to spin TED will awaken from his slumber, pick up a bong and immerse the reels in smoke which will cause a number of additional bonus symbols to be added the reels. This significantly increases the chance of triggering a bonus for that spin.

Bonus Activation

The player enters the bonus by achieving 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere in view. There is no payout awarded directly for getting this, just entry to one of the bonus rounds.

There will be 5 unique bonuses which will be determined by the Thunder Buddies Bonus.

The player will spin the wheel, which after a spinning will stop on one of 5 features, revealing the bonus that has been awarded.

Spinning the wheel and landing on Wheel Of Fartune awards the Wheel Of Fartune Bonus.

Spinning the wheel and landing on Bar Crawl awards the Bar Crawl Bonus.

Spinning the wheel and landing on Super Mart Free Spins awards the Super Mart Free Spins Bonus.

Spinning the wheel and landing on Ted Free Spins awards the Ted Free Spins Bonus.

Spinning the wheel and landing on Big Money awards the Big Money Bonus.

Wheel Of Fartune Bonus

Pick a Ted to reveal an either an Arrow, Multiplier Boost or Spin. Arrow adds an extra arrow to the Fartune wheel, Multiplier Boost increases the multiplier value of one or more positions on the Fartune Wheel. Spin spins the wheel. Land on an arrow to move in a level where bigger wins are available. Make it to the middle to trigger the Big Money Bonus. The feature ends when you land on a feature or a multiplier value (which is a multiplier of the total bet).

Bar Crawl Bonus

After a short screen transition the player will be presented with a secondary bonus screen that is themed around a city street.

The bonus shall be split into two stages; Stage 1 is a board feature where you can level up to the Big Money Bonus (stage 2).

The player always begins in stage 1 and is required to select bottles in order to move around the board, increasing the total bet multiplier. Landing on one of the special board positions awards one of the following positive or negative outcomes:

Event Action
Girls Upgrades one or more multiplier values on the board
Pizza House Awards a trial run, where you can collect multiplier and Big Money Counters
Ming's Takeaway Awards a Mystery Cash Bonus
Big Money Awards a Big Money counter. Collect 5 to enter the Big Money Bonus.
Arrested Landing on this takes Ted to the ID parade. Make sure you're not Banged Up!

If the Big Money Bonus end game is reached, Here the player is presented with Ted in the centre of the screen surrounded by a carousel of multiplier values along with Sale signs down the left and right sides of the screen.

The values will spin and then come to a stop awarding the corresponding total bet multiplier. The player will then be prompted to pick a sale sign from either side of the carousel, revealing either RESPIN (which respins the values and adds to the bonus win) or COLLECT which ends the feature, awarding the player the overall Total Bet Multiplier achieved).

Super Mart Free Spins

The player is awarded an initial amount of 5 Free Spins. Ted will be shown running on the conveyor belt next to the reels and positioned on the shelves behind the reels will be a scattering of Ted Wild symbols. During each spin the background shall move left to right changing the pattern of and the Ted Wild symbols. Once the conveyor belt stops the reel positions will be populated with the corresponding number of wilds and process any line wins.

Free Spins continue until all spins are used where the player is awarded the amount displayed in Bonus Winnings. Free spins cannot be retriggered during Super Mart Free Spins.

Ted Free Spins

Ted Free Spins are played out on a 5x4 reel format with a fixed amount of Free Spins. Positioned above the reels shall be a bonus grid containing various enhancements such as cash prizes, extra free spins and extra wilds. After each free spins if any special Ted symbol that lands on the reels will awarded a super shot in the Ted bonus grid. The player always begins in the bottom level and a marker will sweep left-to-right until it stops and awards the corresponding prize. After each sweep the last position shall be converted into an advance arrow thus increasing the change of advancing further up the grid. The feature ends when no free spins remain or if the player climbs to the top of the bonus grid which awards Ted Big Money Bonus (after Free Spins end). Additional Free Spins can be awarded during Free Spins.

Feature Gamble

Whenever a Feature win is achieved in the game, the player has the option to either COLLECT the feature or Gamble to try and win one of the other features in the game (except for Big Money).

After the award of the initial Bonus from the wheel spin during the Thunder Buddies Bonus, the player will be presented with a Gamble screen showing the 5 features from bottom to top, ranked in terms of average payout. The feature the player has won will be shown to the player with the words COLLECT and GAMBLE shown on the feature panel in the centre of the screen.

If the player gambles and win, the feature they have gambled to can be collected, with all features below that now eliminated. This continues until the player collects, reached the top feature (where it awards that feature) or the player lands on the Mystery Win segment during the wheel spin where they are then awarded a Mystery Win Prize (a mystery cash value based on a multiplier of the player's total bet).

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Bonus Round

Ted Modifiers

Wheel of Fartune Bonus

Bar Crawl Bonus

Super Mart Free Spins

Ted Free Spins

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